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Andrew Lance

Hi! I am Andrew Lance CPRP, the Parks and Recreation Manager for the City of Lexington

Andrew Lance's Bio:

Sports have been Andrew's passion since an early age, but he found out early on that being a professional athlete was not in the cards. Instead, he decided to stick with what he loved, and see the enjoyment others get from being active, playing, and learning.

Andrew Lance, CPRP, is the Parks and Recreation Manager for the City of Lexington Parks and Recreation Department in North Carolina. Andrew has extensive experience with recreational facilities, both the management of leagues and programs, as well as the marketing and financial side of the business.

I am skilled in all types of recreational programming for both youth and adult participants, and have managed programs and leagues with over 6000 participants, and $600,000 in yearly revenue. Management of these leagues included marketing, team and roster formation, coach selection, scheduling of games and officials, game and player management, score and standings updates, playoff structures, awarding of prizes, and program feedback.

My experience on the facility side include the Virginia Beach Field House, a 175,000 square foot indoor sports facility, and United Sports Training Center, a 127,000 square foot indoor facility and 60 acres of outdoor playing fields. I oversaw a departmental budget of $1,200,000, and managed 2 full time staff, 20-part time staff, and 10 – 20 interns per year while at United Sports. In addition to staff management, I also scheduled and directed 100+ officials.

I have managed the Facebook pages and website for these businesses, and effectively worked with the Marketing Departments to target and reach desired demographics within our markets. One important aspect of managing programs with large numbers of participants is timely and pertinent communication. This was done through website updates, mass emails, phone calls, and social media posts. Email design and creation has always been something that I was interested in, and I was able to gain new abilities and skills through learning basic coding and HTML formatting.

I have worked with the USIndoor Sports Association, and I am a Certified Parks and Recreation Professional through the National Parks and Recreation Association. Currently I work with the City of Lexington Parks and Recreation Department in Lexington NC, and I manage all recreational programming for the City, including athletics, youth and adult programs, events, and festivals.

Sports has been my passion since an early age, and I am blessed to be able to work around something I enjoy so much. You can connect with Andrew Lance on Quora, LinkedInFacebook, or AboutMe.  BrandYourself,

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Andrew lives in Lexington NC, with his wife Brittany, his sons Jackson and Cooper, and their 2 boxers, Higgins and Holmes. He plays sports whenever he can, and likes to work on his 1991 Wrangler.

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